Corporate Wellness

Partner with Us!

Companies that partner with Surf City Cryo see happier, healthier and more engaged employees, leading to company healthcare savings and increased business results. Adding Surf City Cryo to your company Employee Wellness Program can be an effective way to achieve a happier and healthier workforce. Adding these elements lead to higher productivity which can lead to additional revenues for the business.

Investing in the wellness of your employees means investing in the wellness of your business. It's great to give your employees a corporate wellness incentive they actually enjoy and use.

Surf City Cryo's Wellness Programs attract all ages at all fitness/wellness levels, helping you get the most of your benefits program.

Purchase a 5 pack, 10 pack or 20 pack and disseminate to your employees as you wish. We will provide monthly reports which helps you track how your employees engage with Surf City Cryo, making wellness a priority for your company's employees.

A session in a package can be used for any of the following:

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)
  • Normatec Compression
  • NanoVi
  • Red Light Therapy (One area per visit)
  • BEMER PEMF Therapy
  • Local Cryo
  • Surf City Chill Facial

Example: Company X purchases a 5 pack of sessions - Company X gives one session to Mark C for his hard work on Project A. Mark visits Surf City Cryo and chooses the service he would like. Company X now has 4 sessions left on its package to disseminate to other employees as it sees fit or can give all to Mark if they wish.

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